Jens Ansø is very proud to present NJORD, his first custom kitchen knives to be brought to the public. As the designer and creative mind behind countless popular and influential folding knives, Jens is ready to launch knives to be used and enjoyed by everyone who appreciates outstanding craftsmanship that perfectly balances the uniqueness of Danish design with the pragmatic necessities for daily use.


Hand made

NJORD Kitchen Knives are completely handmade. Throughout their construction, skilled hands adjust each detail, ensuring that every knife is perfect and, moreover a pleasure to use each time its picked up.

Forged in Japan

The blade is forged in Japan. This process includes the forging of 33 layers of San Mai Steel with a core of VG10, giving the blade its unique patterned look, incredible strength, and an amazingly resilient edge.

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Durable Handle

The handle is made for each customer during ordering from either ash, oak or bog oak. Chosen for their durability, these woods will only become more beautiful over time and with use.

The wood is treated with a special sealing method to make sure that it remains both beautiful and robust throughout its lifetime.